Often, the women we serve have left everything of their old lives behind: homes, jobs, loved ones — even their sense of self. They are starting over, trying to rediscover who they are meant to be and how they can positively contribute to society. At this stage, it is more important than ever that they have resources they need to develop a healthy identity and carve out their place in the world.

Upon arrival, each woman meets with a case manager to discuss personal goals and a strategy for achieving those goals. We address her physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and social needs, as well as an integrated approach for overall health. This whole-person philosophy requires intense consideration and guidance from our staff, but we find it offers women the best chance for lasting success.

Every woman in our program is treated as a unique, valuable individual and receives referrals specific to her needs. These referrals often involve our trusted community partners, including House of Mercy, Mosaic Family Counseling, Department of Human Services (DHS) and Iowa Workforce Development.

Our five-phase plan can be completed in 6–12 months. As each woman graduates to a higher phase, her level of responsibility and self-motivation increases. Our programs focus on four pillars that act as a foundation for women rebuilding their lives: health and wellness, financial empowerment, employment and recovery.


Health & Wellness

Women’s health

• Mind/body connection

• Holistic health

• Nutritional advice and health food sampling


• How to re-enter your child’s life after being away
• Communication techniques
• Being a part of a productive family unit

Mental health

• Mental health assessments and counseling provided by Mosaic Family Counseling
• Trauma-informed environment
• Gender-responsive mental health curriculum


Financial Empowerment

WISE A (Women In Self-Efficacy)

• Learning to balance personal finances
• Repairing credit and understanding credit scores
• Exploring different account and savings options

One-on-one weekly budget coaching

• Creating savings goals
• Budgeting weekly and monthly expenses
• Paying off debt

Partnership with Freedom Financial Bank

• Free savings accounts regardless of credit history
• Waived fees
• Convenient location by Beacon of Life



WISE B (Women In Self-Efficacy)

• Planning goals
• Searching for employment
• Maintaining employment and moving upward

Employment resources

• Transportation to the Beacon Boutique and to obtain necessary identification
• Weekly job lead posting
• Application and resume assistance

Beacon Boutique

• Clothing vouchers for all new residents
• Personalized selections based on interview needs
• Job skill training program



Sober living

• Intensive case management
• Onsite drug and alcohol testing
• Two weekly in-house AA meetings

Substance abuse treatment

• Substance abuse assessment
• Free substance abuse services provided at House of Mercy
• Sober living environment


• Building self-esteem
• Thinking positive
• Advocating for self