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Are you or someone you know interested in staying at the Beacon?

  1. Beacon of Life provides a trauma-informed home and programming for adults
    identifying as women who are potentially facing homelessness due to substance use,
    domestic violence, incarceration, or other crisis. We are staffed 24 hours a day and seek
    to provide a welcoming, accepting, and accountable environment to help women heal
    from the past and grow toward the future.
  2. Rent is $105/week (includes all utilities and WiFi) plus $25/month for food (can use SNAP).
  3. All clients participate in our five-phase program. In the first phase, which lasts at least
    two months, clients have a 5:00 pm curfew (unless they are at work) and must secure a job within two weeks.
  4. Each week, clients meet with their Case Manager and attend a House Meeting.
  5. All clients work with the Case Manager to schedule an assessment for mental health,
    substance use, physical health, and financial health then follow through on
    recommendations, as well as any additional programming that seems fitting to
    experience wellness.
  6. Clients share a large room and bathroom with three other women.
  7. Clients participate in daily household chores and take turns cooking supper.
  8. Clients must currently be clean and sober and then remain clean and sober at all times.
    Clients will have their belongings searched regularly to ensure the home is a safe
    environment for all who are trying to remain clean and sober.
  9. The Beacon of Life prioritizes treating all our staff and clients with dignity and respect.
  10. Clients can live here for 6 - 24 months.

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